Dr. Lizbeth Salazar-Sánchez University of Costa Rica April 2013 University of Costa Rica
Workshops on Scientific Parks MICIT-WTA-UCR
"…to advance towards a secure development, led by innovation, science, and technology, strengthened by solidarity, and committed with sustainability"
By “open access” to this literature we mean its free availability in public Internet.
In this interesting presentation, the geologist Mario Fernández Arce, from the School of Geography and the Program Preventec of the University of Costa Rica, explains the phenomenon of tsunamis, wh
The Unit of Management and Transference of Knowledge for Innovation PROINNOVA of the University of Costa Rica has the mission of managing the copyright that contributes to the sustainable developme
The Kérwá Repository of the University of Costa Rica is a store of knowledge or a system of information that gathers, preserves, disseminates, and gives access to the intellectual and academic prod
On March 9th, 2016, four institutional programs assigned to the Vice Rector’s Office for Research of the University of Costa Rica were presented at Girasol’s Room.
The production of spaces for research has been an institutional concern since the creation of the UCR in 1941.