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Dairy Module, (ML, for its acronym in Spanish)

Sede del Atlántico (Atlantic Campus). It is located at the Atlantic Campus in Turrialba. It has an extension of 12 acres. The Módulo Lechero is a model specialized in the production of milk in tropical conditions. Through research, it creates knowledge and management strategies for livestock productivity. It also implements sustainable management technologies with the environment, to promote academic, professional, and technical development in its area of influence. This module produces information and creates productive, reproductive, environmental, and economic indicators that are reference to other systems under similar conditions.


  • To generate productive, reproductive, sanitary, and economic indicators of livestock fulfilling with animal welfare principles
  • To generate and legalize the use of clean technologies in the control of external parasites (manual tick extraction), use of Azospirilum (bacteria) as a biofertilizer to produce fodder and in the preservation of agricultural by-products as a strategy to adapt to climate change
  • To evaluate fodder production methodologies (Bahama grass) through the use of organic fertilizers, rotational grazing and washing waters (rich in nutrients)
  • To carry out proper management of solid and liquid wastes, according to national legislation, such as CVO, herd free of brucellosis and tuberculosis, bio infectious materials, medicine residues and handling of dead animals (cemetery)
  • To measure, reduce and control the sources of impact to the environment through the implementation of mitigation strategies such as the use of silvo pastoral systems, use of rainwater (reduction of water resource), solar water heaters, and use of biodiesel, among others
  • To organize dissemination and training activities to transmit the results of the research carried out in the Módulo Lechero, as well as those related to good production practices that respond to animal welfare and to the environment