Study of the Impact of Climate Change on the Central American Dry Corridor

Manrique Vindas-Segura
César A. Parral

The Dry Corridor stretches along the Pacific coast from Guanacaste in Costa Rica to northwest Guatemala. In our country and Nicaragua it remains towards the shore of the pacific coast, but in El Salvador, Honduras...

A Platform Was Created to Interconnect Truck Drivers and Customers in Central America

César A. Parral

The School of Public Administration at the University of Costa Rica (EAP) also participated actively in this project through the Customs Administration and Foreign Trade Degree, under the coordination of Professor M.Sc. Susana Wong-Chan....

Research on Hot Pepper Receives International Recognition

Manrique Vindas-Segura

This will allow her to participate, along with other young people from North America, in the Undergraduate Research Competition next June, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America (USA).

Thus, Zúñiga...

Method to Obtain Blackberry Extract Receives Patent Abroad

Josué Alfaro

The registration process was carried out by the Knowledge Management and Transfer Unit for Innovation (PROINNOVA), which initiated the procedures to control the commercial exploitation of work developed by specialists from the National...

Researcher Seek to Discover How Corn Defends Itself from Radiation

Manrique Vindas-Segura

The damage that radiation generates in plant DNA is known in English as Double Strand Breaks (DSBs), and it affects cell division and growth, which in turn decreases crop yields.

For this reason, at the...

International Publication Highlights New Bioinformatics Tool

Manrique Vindas-Segura

To understand complex genetic diseases, it is necessary to have a complete list of the participating genes and then study their interactions and variations, which represents a large amount of data.

This innovative tool allows...

Costa Rican Scorpions Are Not Lethal for Humans

Manrique Vindas-Segura

In our country, although the number of cases of scorpion bites in humans has increased in recent years, no serious cases or deaths are reported, as does happen in other Latin American countries such as...

Leaves of Tiquizque Could Help in the Production of Paint and Fabrics

Manrique Vindas Segura

Such is the case of the research that has studied the structure of tiquizque leaves (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) with the help of the sophisticated Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

This technology allowed to explain why it is...

Scientists Create Bean Variety Tolerant to Climate Change

Manrique Vindas Segura

The producers of the Cantonal Agricultural Center of Los Chiles, in the North Huetar Region, as well as Concepción de Pilas, El Águila, Guagaral, Chánguena and Veracruz de Pejibaye of Pérez Zeledón in the Brunca...

UCR Promotes Internationalization to Strengthen Academic Development and Research

Manrique Vindas-Segura

Some of its contributions in this regard were presented by Dr. Fernando García-Santamaría, Vice Rector for Research and Dr. Marlen León-Guzmán, Vice Rector for Teaching, both from UCR, during the Jornadas de Internacionalización UCR...

Pavements for National Roads Will Be Designed According to the Country's Climate

Gabriela Contreras-Matarrita

Replicating the extreme conditions of nature in a controlled environment such as the Natural Scale Pavements Laboratory (PaveLab) at the Lanamme-UCR, helps to detect possible damages and problems that would occur on the roads throughout...

UCR Researchers Stand Out in Getting Funds for Research

Manrique Vindas-Segura


Of these last two projects, one will be developed in CENIBiot of CeNAT and the other in the laboratory of the Airborne Research and Remote Sensors Program (PRIAS), also of CeNAT.


Heredia Robber Frog Reappears in Costa Rican Forests

Manrique Vindas Segura

It is a brown frog with a particular red belly, which facilitated identification for the researchers, since it is the only one in its group with this feature.

This neotropical amphibian ceased to be observed...

Insects Could Be Key to Produce Antibiotics and Biofuels

César A. Parral

The first research was coordinated by M.Sc. Bernal Matarrita Carranza, from the Organization for Tropical Studies, who developed the Project “Exploration of new associations between social insects and actinomycetes in Costa Rica” as part of...